1 bar /ˈbɑɚ/ noun
plural bars
1 bar
plural bars
Learner's definition of BAR
: a building or room where alcoholic drinks and sometimes food are served see also sports bar, tiki bar
: a counter where alcoholic drinks are served
see also cash bar, open bar, wet bar
: a building or room where a particular food or drink is served see also salad bar, snack bar
[count] : a straight piece of metal, wood, etc., that is used as a tool, as part of a structure, or to keep people from entering or leaving through a door or window
◊ In U.S. English, bar is used figuratively in phrases like raise/lower the bar and set the bar higher/lower to refer to changing the standard that is used to judge whether someone or something is good, successful, etc.
see also crossbar, crowbar, parallel bars, uneven bars
[count] : a solid piece of something that is shaped like a rectangle
[count] : a straight line, stripe, or section that is longer than it is wide
see also bar code, bar graph, task bar, toolbar
[count] formal : something that makes it difficult or impossible to do or achieve something + to
the bar
US : the profession of a lawyer
British or the Bar : the profession of a barrister
US : the test that a person must pass in order to be a lawyer
[count] music
: a line in written music that shows where a measure begins
: the beats between two bars in a piece of music

behind bars

tend bar

: to work as a bartender : to prepare and serve drinks at a bar
2 bar /ˈbɑɚ/ verb
bars; barred; barring
2 bar
bars; barred; barring
Learner's definition of BAR
[+ object]
: to put a bar or a set of bars in front of a door, window, etc., so that people cannot go in or out of it
: to put something in a road, path, etc., so that people cannot get by
: to prevent or forbid (someone) from doing something
: to prevent or forbid (something)

no holds barred

see 2hold
3 bar /ˈbɑɚ/ preposition
3 bar
Learner's definition of BAR
used in the phrase bar none to emphasize that a statement is completely true
British : except for : barring