1 band /ˈbænd/ noun
plural bands
1 band
plural bands
Learner's definition of BAND
: a usually small group of musicians who play popular music together
compare orchestra; see also big band, brass band, garage band, marching band, one-man band
: a group of people or animals
: a flat, straight piece of material (such as plastic or metal) that forms a circle around something
see also armband, rubber band, sweatband, waistband
: a strip of something that is different from what is around it : a thick line
often + of
technical : a range of frequencies over which radio signals are broadcast
British : a range or group between a lower and an upper limit : bracket

to beat the band

US, informal
: in a very forceful or obvious way
2 band /ˈbænd/ verb
bands; banded; banding
2 band
bands; banded; banding
Learner's definition of BAND

band together

[phrasal verb]
: to form a group in order to do or achieve something