1 aside ˈsaɪd/ adverb
1 aside
Learner's definition of ASIDE
: to or toward the side
often used figuratively
used with put or set to describe something that is being kept or saved for a future use
used to say that something is not included in a statement that follows

aside from

chiefly US
: not including (something) : with the exception of (something)
: in addition to (something) : besides
2 aside ˈsaɪd/ noun
plural asides
2 aside
plural asides
Learner's definition of ASIDE
: a comment spoken by a character in a play that is heard by the audience but is supposedly not heard by other characters on stage
: a comment that is spoken quietly to someone so that it cannot be heard by other people who are present
: a comment or discussion that does not relate directly to the main subject being discussed