1 any /ˈɛni/ adjective
1 any
Learner's definition of ANY
always used before a noun
used to indicate a person or thing that is not particular or specific
used to indicate an amount greater than zero or none usually used in negative statements, in questions, and in statements with if or whether
Usage Some is used instead of any in positive statements. It is sometimes used instead of any in questions and in statements with if or whether.

any moment

see moment

any old

see 1old

at any cost

see 1cost

by any chance

see 1chance

go to any length/lengths

see length

in any case

see 1case

in any event

see event
2 any /ˈɛni/ pronoun
2 any
Learner's definition of ANY
: any one of the people or things in a group
often + of
: any amount
often + of
3 any /ˈɛni/ adverb
3 any
Learner's definition of ANY
: to the least amount or degree