1 aid /ˈeɪd/ verb
aids; aided; aiding
1 aid
aids; aided; aiding
Learner's definition of AID
: to provide what is useful or necessary : help
[+ object]
[no object]
usually + in
2 aid /ˈeɪd/ noun
plural aids
2 aid
plural aids
Learner's definition of AID
[noncount] : the act of helping someone : help or assistance given to someone
see also first aid
: something (such as money, food, or equipment) that is given by a government or an organization to help the people in a country or area where many people are suffering because of poverty, disease, etc.
often used before another noun
: money that is given to a student to help pay for the cost of attending a school
: something that provides help or assistance
: a device, object, etc., that makes something easier to do
see also hearing aid
[count] chiefly US : a person whose job is to assist someone : aide

in aid of

chiefly British
: in order to help (something or someone)
◊ The informal British expression What's (all) this/that in aid of? is used to ask about the purpose of something.