absorb /əbˈsoɚb/ verb
absorbs; absorbed; absorbing
absorbs; absorbed; absorbing
Learner's definition of ABSORB
[+ object]
: to take in (something, such as a liquid) in a natural or gradual way
often used as (be) absorbed
: to draw in (heat, light, energy, etc.)
: to learn (something)
: to take in and make (something) part of a larger group, country, etc.
: to take up the whole interest or attention of (someone)
◊ If you are absorbed in something, you are fully involved in it.
: to prevent (something harmful or unwanted) from passing through
: to accept or deal with (something that is difficult, harmful, etc.)
: to use up (something)

— absorbable

/əbˈsoɚbəbəl/ adjective [more absorbable; most absorbable]

— absorber

noun, plural absorbers [count]

— absorbing

adjective [more absorbing; most absorbing]

— absorption

/əbˈsoɚpʃən/ noun [noncount]