Learner's Word of the Day
March 2017
March 28th lens
March 27th ready to roll
March 26th milky
March 25th serenade
March 24th canister
March 23rd in a huff
March 22nd mischievous
March 21st mope
March 20th lawyer
March 19th baggy
March 18th spatter
March 17th clover
March 16th overly
March 15th chintzy
March 14th tailor
March 13th tix
March 12th dependable
March 11th steep
March 10th smorgasbord
March 09th blue-ribbon
March 08th withdraw
March 07th soft drink
March 06th amicable
March 05th flatter
March 04th recess
March 03rd makeshift
March 02nd examine
March 01st origami
February 2017
February 28th arid
February 27th displease
February 26th plaid
February 25th immense
February 24th keep your cool
February 23rd huddle
February 22nd TLC
February 21st therapeutic
February 20th go places
February 19th put back
February 18th goofball
February 17th horizontal
February 16th get a rise out of
February 15th value
February 14th cupid
February 13th devoted
February 12th tulip
February 11th smitten
February 10th on exhibit
February 09th cooperate
February 08th cosmetic
February 07th scant
February 06th no sweat
February 05th unfortunately
February 04th hunker down
February 03rd stationery
February 02nd dairy
February 01st butt heads
January 2017
January 31st eyesore
January 30th resplendent
January 29th distinguish
January 28th intersection
January 27th heart-healthy
January 26th halve
January 25th glamour
January 24th inadequate
January 23rd perforate
January 22nd triple
January 21st pickle
January 20th attired
January 19th eventually
January 18th sectional
January 17th overpowering
January 16th flank
January 15th lift a finger
January 14th silent treatment
January 13th snug
January 12th veg
January 11th potluck
January 10th frigid
January 09th traverse
January 08th pay a call/visit
January 07th snowbank
January 06th crispy
January 05th raze
January 04th thankfully
January 03rd go-to
January 02nd plug away
January 01st resolution
December 2016
December 31st confetti
December 30th sparkling
December 29th turtleneck
December 28th parallel
December 27th insatiable
December 26th gingerbread
December 25th garland
December 24th fictitious
December 23rd go over big
December 22nd myriad
December 21st mollify
December 20th bear
December 19th preposterous
December 18th snowdrift
December 17th fork
December 16th malleable
December 15th openly
December 14th habitat
December 13th alleviate
December 12th following
December 11th proximity
December 10th laud
December 09th peculiar
December 08th scarcely
December 07th off-putting
December 06th theme
December 05th remain
December 04th ashamed
December 03rd permission
December 02nd taper
December 01st scruffy
November 2016
November 30th concoction
November 29th specifically
November 28th swaddle
November 27th leonine
November 26th getup
November 25th recuperate
November 24th cornucopia
November 23rd shabby
November 22nd bombard
November 21st palpable
November 20th eatery
November 19th bring home the bacon
November 18th goner
November 17th similar
November 16th dole out
November 15th languid
November 14th nibble
November 13th inconsolable
November 12th medallion
November 11th fantastic
November 10th obviously
November 09th strip mall
November 08th marvel
November 07th lacy
November 06th elbow room
November 05th peek
November 04th discontent
November 03rd clean as a whistle
November 02nd abandoned
November 01st implement
October 2016
October 31st galore
October 30th look/feel like a million dollars/bucks
October 29th scarecrow
October 28th sideways
October 27th gourd
October 26th chilly
October 25th frighten
October 24th seed
October 23rd sashay
October 22nd mask
October 21st listless
October 20th tad
October 19th rake
October 18th crackle
October 17th merchandise
October 16th heartily
October 15th floor
October 14th plumage
October 13th moonlit
October 12th rejuvenate
October 11th dearth
October 10th on all fours
October 09th overgrown
October 08th peruse
October 07th backward
October 06th strudel
October 05th grotesque
October 04th laboratory
October 03rd entangle
October 02nd cursive
October 01st take the bull by the horns
September 2016
September 30th crevice
September 29th persevere
September 28th daring
September 27th lurk
September 26th bear hug
September 25th come to
September 24th gob
September 23rd repulsive
September 22nd deplete
September 21st a touch of
September 20th scrape
September 19th rupture
September 18th tedious
September 17th lavish with
September 16th sorely
September 15th profusion
September 14th throb
September 13th stodgy
September 12th fair
September 11th hire
September 10th hit the hay
September 09th mascot
September 08th dishearten
September 07th heavenly
September 06th error
September 05th telecommute
September 04th extra
September 03rd dormitory
September 02nd crimp
September 01st poised
August 2016
August 31st ventriloquist
August 30th sock away
August 29th respect
August 28th corpulent
August 27th snatch
August 26th dog days
August 25th mom-and-pop
August 24th disperse
August 23rd archway
August 22nd especially
August 21st weather
August 20th crinkle
August 19th plethora
August 18th A-OK
August 17th conch
August 16th inflate
August 15th slake your thirst
August 14th accessory
August 13th buoy
August 12th like hotcakes
August 11th boardwalk
August 10th amiss
August 09th downpour
August 08th owe
August 07th fond of
August 06th divot
August 05th partially
August 04th compile
August 03rd coupon
August 02nd scrumptious
August 01st iris
July 2016
July 31st magenta
July 30th all ears
July 29th contemplate
July 28th hammock
July 27th magnificent
July 26th go all out
July 25th ignite
July 24th flight
July 23rd stormy
July 22nd brainiac
July 21st comb
July 20th deluge
July 19th go heavy on
July 18th include
July 17th recede
July 16th fast
July 15th sandwich
July 14th lagoon
July 13th sweltering
July 12th wander
July 11th victory
July 10th make light of
July 09th deteriorate
July 08th pavilion
July 07th haywire
July 06th survey
July 05th made for each other
July 04th sparkler
July 03rd hog
July 02nd scenic
July 01st chock-full
June 2016
June 30th gild
June 29th veterinarian
June 28th commodious
June 27th splash
June 26th make a beeline for
June 25th go bananas
June 24th relax
June 23rd raft
June 22nd minuscule
June 21st surf
June 20th peacock
June 19th in the lap of luxury
June 18th horse around
June 17th hodgepodge
June 16th triumphant
June 15th fish
June 14th brownie points
June 13th tip-top
June 12th deflect
June 11th lion's share
June 10th blistering
June 09th hike
June 08th knapsack
June 07th all thumbs
June 06th discard
June 05th cookout
June 04th quaint
June 03rd bug
June 02nd patch
June 01st barefoot
May 2016
May 31st turn turtle
May 30th leaf through
May 29th livid
May 28th gunk
May 27th portend
May 26th apparel
May 25th (as) bold as brass
May 24th shut-eye
May 23rd tassel
May 22nd oversee
May 21st smidgen
May 20th no-show
May 19th tantrum
May 18th dangle
May 17th pumped
May 16th edifice
May 15th captivate
May 14th spiff up
May 13th desolate
May 12th trek
May 11th brainteaser
May 10th arrest
May 09th distinguished
May 08th tine
May 07th faux pas
May 06th nurse
May 05th geyser
May 04th in stitches
May 03rd bonus
May 02nd emote
May 01st breezy
April 2016
April 30th immaculate
April 29th blossom
April 28th release
April 27th worker
April 26th misty-eyed
April 25th wear down
April 24th agenda
April 23rd gigantic
April 22nd few
April 21st glimmer
April 20th adrift
April 19th hubby
April 18th eavesdrop
April 17th akimbo
April 16th ponytail
April 15th chuck out
April 14th tap
April 13th scrunch
April 12th gallant
April 11th shoehorn
April 10th parched
April 09th dote on
April 08th vestige
April 07th on cloud nine
April 06th forage
April 05th terra firma
April 04th bookish
April 03rd hem in
April 02nd treasure trove
April 01st foolish
March 2016
March 31st opponent
March 30th zombie
March 29th gel