Learner's Word of the Day
February 2018
February 24th back-to-back
February 23rd the brunt of
February 22nd enliven
February 21st uplifting
February 20th cupola
February 19th farther
February 18th dodge
February 17th enamored
February 16th emanate
February 15th engaged
February 14th nosegay
February 13th lovey-dovey
February 12th in mint condition
February 11th toy
February 10th appliance
February 09th partial to
February 08th decorative
February 07th detest
February 06th mastermind
February 05th hot-tempered
February 04th prefer
February 03rd total
February 02nd cough drop
February 01st warmhearted
January 2018
January 31st outage
January 30th hoist
January 29th breathe easy
January 28th après-ski
January 27th heedless
January 26th buddy up
January 25th abrasive
January 24th cotton candy
January 23rd stuck-up
January 22nd legroom
January 21st patient
January 20th freshen up
January 19th panache
January 18th underdone
January 17th nevertheless
January 16th snow day
January 15th good as new
January 14th crack down
January 13th judgment
January 12th astounding
January 11th have a ball
January 10th spatula
January 09th swanky
January 08th quarrel
January 07th toboggan
January 06th comical
January 05th head over heels
January 04th chaperone
January 03rd astronomical
January 02nd chill
January 01st make it big
December 2017
December 31st sensational
December 30th inscribe
December 29th newbie
December 28th radical
December 27th sacrifice
December 26th a la mode
December 25th ornament
December 24th snuggle
December 23rd rarely
December 22nd tradition
December 21st rectify
December 20th with all your heart
December 19th outpouring
December 18th shiver
December 17th hospitable
December 16th charity
December 15th observe
December 14th light of your life
December 13th neighborly
December 12th menorah
December 11th adhere
December 10th pace
December 09th unable
December 08th at least
December 07th nail-biter
December 06th hang out
December 05th furious
December 04th malice
December 03rd stand out
December 02nd take a liking to
December 01st generosity
November 2017
November 30th permeate
November 29th socialize
November 28th occasionally
November 27th go it alone
November 26th adorable
November 25th celebrate
November 24th the works
November 23rd stuffing
November 22nd gratitude
November 21st homesick
November 20th gorge
November 19th tablecloth
November 18th replete
November 17th beam
November 16th bric-a-brac
November 15th nearly
November 14th swamp
November 13th middle name
November 12th outdoorsy
November 11th the real thing
November 10th lecture
November 09th rehabilitate
November 08th equal
November 07th delicacy
November 06th peg
November 05th reserved
November 04th etiquette
November 03rd rich
November 02nd generate
November 01st strike
October 2017
October 31st in costume
October 30th decompose
October 29th spooky
October 28th physician
October 27th syrupy
October 26th accentuate
October 25th under way
October 24th scaredy-cat
October 23rd clown
October 22nd mind-blowing
October 21st tousle
October 20th most
October 19th preoccupied
October 18th disembark
October 17th stupendous
October 16th attention
October 15th lousy
October 14th inevitable
October 13th prep
October 12th abode
October 11th wait tables
October 10th dribble
October 09th charming
October 08th house call
October 07th go without
October 06th unquestionably
October 05th perch
October 04th compost
October 03rd bite-size
October 02nd scarf
October 01st patron
September 2017
September 30th scamper
September 29th trade
September 28th studious
September 27th nowhere near
September 26th inconsiderate
September 25th sediment
September 24th alternate
September 23rd copious
September 22nd askew
September 21st writer's block
September 20th concerted
September 19th at leisure
September 18th expensive
September 17th ringer
September 16th take a whack
September 15th transpire
September 14th irregular
September 13th inclination
September 12th on pins and needles
September 11th standard
September 10th stupefy
September 09th rudiments
September 08th dress
September 07th pour your heart out
September 06th zippy
September 05th mosaic
September 04th comprehend
September 03rd forward
September 02nd wall-to-wall
September 01st motivation
August 2017
August 31st heave
August 30th vertical
August 29th composure
August 28th exude
August 27th to a T
August 26th get carried away
August 25th petite
August 24th cabana
August 23rd muffle
August 22nd the evil eye
August 21st dedicated
August 20th replenish
August 19th catnap
August 18th sole
August 17th emulate
August 16th look your best
August 15th impurity
August 14th seethe
August 13th peppy
August 12th imprint
August 11th restrain
August 10th substantially
August 09th sass
August 08th soft spot
August 07th contagious
August 06th fresh
August 05th contents
August 04th nettle
August 03rd pallid
August 02nd luster
August 01st stabilize
July 2017
July 31st obsolete
July 30th decline
July 29th irritate
July 28th promptly
July 27th obstinate
July 26th abyss
July 25th indicate
July 24th go the extra mile
July 23rd engaging
July 22nd stomachache
July 21st dive
July 20th supportive
July 19th mishap
July 18th accessorize
July 17th keen
July 16th quandary
July 15th submit
July 14th awkward
July 13th foyer
July 12th idly
July 11th inconspicuous
July 10th modest
July 09th yield
July 08th rambunctious
July 07th sundries
July 06th impair
July 05th hesitant
July 04th salute
July 03rd interview
July 02nd nonsensical
July 01st place setting
June 2017
June 30th irresistible
June 29th smack-dab
June 28th thorough
June 27th paraphernalia
June 26th slumber
June 25th get the hang of
June 24th serene
June 23rd zilch
June 22nd intertwine
June 21st blazing
June 20th blast
June 19th decompress
June 18th up to par
June 17th peachy
June 16th stable
June 15th shrivel
June 14th defeated
June 13th herbivore
June 12th plead
June 11th at a loss for words
June 10th surefooted
June 09th obstacle
June 08th lop
June 07th off-key
June 06th videographer
June 05th prepare
June 04th as is
June 03rd melodramatic
June 02nd dynamo
June 01st go beyond
May 2017
May 31st inappropriate
May 30th private investigator
May 29th embroider
May 28th symmetrical
May 27th easy
May 26th pique
May 25th booming
May 24th surname
May 23rd protrude
May 22nd supine
May 21st out of sorts
May 20th spectacular
May 19th chip
May 18th yoke
May 17th directly
May 16th impatient
May 15th fire up
May 14th corsage
May 13th delighted
May 12th sow
May 11th sodden
May 10th smithereens
May 09th reconcile
May 08th absurd
May 07th ventilate
May 06th golden-ager
May 05th accomplished
May 04th unprofessional
May 03rd pout
May 02nd diploma
May 01st exhilarate
April 2017
April 30th arm in arm
April 29th redolent
April 28th enough
April 27th full blast
April 26th gripping
April 25th disposition
April 24th recharge
April 23rd obedient
April 22nd recipient
April 21st clean your plate
April 20th external
April 19th forte
April 18th fetch
April 17th bulky
April 16th humanitarian
April 15th work your magic
April 14th nutritious
April 13th bangle
April 12th right
April 11th commendable
April 10th goulash
April 09th spruce up
April 08th deplorable
April 07th shutter
April 06th have it made
April 05th steaming
April 04th pedestal
April 03rd obscure
April 02nd marvelous
April 01st foresight
March 2017
March 31st exactly
March 30th spic-and-span
March 29th dispose of
March 28th lens
March 27th ready to roll
March 26th milky
March 25th serenade
March 24th canister
March 23rd in a huff
March 22nd mischievous
March 21st mope
March 20th lawyer
March 19th baggy
March 18th spatter
March 17th clover
March 16th overly
March 15th chintzy
March 14th tailor
March 13th tix
March 12th dependable
March 11th steep
March 10th smorgasbord
March 09th blue-ribbon
March 08th withdraw
March 07th soft drink
March 06th amicable
March 05th flatter
March 04th recess
March 03rd makeshift
March 02nd examine
March 01st origami
February 2017
February 28th arid
February 27th displease
February 26th plaid
February 25th immense