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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
Using the Pronouns "I" and "Me"
Thursday July 13th 2017
Which sentence is correct: "Send Lucy and I questions" or "Send Lucy and me questions"? — Alexa, United States

The pronoun I is a subject pronoun. The pronoun me is an object pronoun. The correct choice depends on how the pronoun is being used in the sentence.

The subject of "Send Lucy and X questions" is not stated, but it is an understood you: "You send Lucy and X questions."

"Lucy and X" is the indirect object of the verb send (the direct object is questions), so the correct sentence is "Send Lucy and me questions."

You could also say "Send questions to Lucy and me." It's obvious that "Lucy and X" is an object in this modified sentence because it follows the preposition to.

In either sentence you can take out "Lucy and" to hear which pronoun sounds better: "Send me questions" and "Send questions to me" sound much better than "Send I questions" and "Send questions to I". The sentences with I are incorrect.


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