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Learner's definition of WRITE  
: to form letters or numbers on a surface with a pen, pencil, etc.
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] 
: to create (a book, poem, story, etc.) by writing words on paper, on a computer, etc.
   b  : to produce (a written document, agreement, rule, etc.) by writing — often + up
   c  : to create (a piece of music)
   d  : to create (a computer program)
: to express or state (something) in a book, story, essay, letter, etc.
[+ object]
[no object]
: to use the writing system of a language
[no object]
: + in
[+ object]
: to communicate with someone by sending a letter, e-mail, etc.
[no object]
— often + to
[+ object]
[no object]  : to do the work of writing books, news articles, stories, etc. : to be a writer
[+ object]computers  : to transfer (information) in a computer to a disk or other device
[no object]of a pen, pencil, etc.  : to put marks on paper or another surface

have (something) written all over it

: to show a certain characteristic very clearly

nothing to write home about

: not very good or appealing : ordinary

write back

[phrasal verb]
write back or write (someone) back 
: to send someone a letter, e-mail, etc., in response to one that was sent to you

write down

[phrasal verb]
write (something) down or write down (something) 
: to write (something) on a piece of paper

write in

[phrasal verb]
: to send a letter to a newspaper, a company, the government, etc., to express an opinion or to ask a question
write (something) in or write in (something)  : to write (something) on a form
write (someone) inUS or write in (someone)  : to vote for (someone who is not on the official list of candidates) by writing that person's name in a special place on the ballot
— see also write-in

write into

[phrasal verb]
write (something) into (something) 
: to add (something new) to a contract, law, etc.

write off

[phrasal verb]
write (something) off or write off (something) 
: to say officially that (money that is owed to you) will not be paid or does not need to be paid
   b  : to take away (an amount) from the total amount that is used to calculate taxes
write (someone or something) off or write off (someone or something)  : to consider (someone or something) to be lost, hopeless, unimportant, etc.
write off for (something)chiefly British  : to make a request for (something) by sending a letter

write out

[phrasal verb]
write (something) out or write out (something) 
: to put (something) in writing on a piece of paper
   b  : to write the required information on (a check, receipt, etc.)
write (someone) out of  : to change a document (such as a will) so that (someone) is not included
   b  write (someone) out of (something) or write out (someone)  : to remove (a character) from a story by having the character die, disappear, etc.

write up

[phrasal verb]
write (something) up or write up (something)  : to describe (something) in a detailed written account
— see also write-up
write (someone) upUS or write up (someone)  : to produce an official document that reports (someone) to an authority to be punished
— see also write 2b (above)

write your own ticket

◊ If you can write your own ticket, you can choose to do whatever you want or to go wherever you want because you have excellent or special skills or abilities.

written in stone

— see 1stone

wrote the book on

— used to say that someone is an expert on a particular subject
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