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Learner's definition of WEIGH  
[+ object]  : to find how heavy (someone or something) is : to measure the weight of (someone or something)
   b  not used in progressive tenses[linking verb]  : to have a specified weight
[+ object]  : to think carefully about (something) in order to form an opinion or make a decision : consider — often + up
— see also weigh up (below)
always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object]  : to be considered in a specified way when a person or thing is being judged

weigh down

[phrasal verb]
weigh (someone or something) down or weigh down (someone or something)  : to press down on (someone or something) : to make (someone or something) heavier and less able to move easily
weigh (someone) down or weigh down (someone)  : to cause (someone) to accept or deal with something difficult or unpleasant

weigh in

[phrasal verb]
weigh in or weigh (someone) in or weigh in (someone)  : to be weighed or to weigh (someone) before competing in a fight, race, etc.
— see also weigh-in
: to have a specified weight — + at
informal  : to give your opinion about something — often + with — often + on in U.S. English

weigh on

[phrasal verb]
weigh on (someone) 
: to make (someone or something) sad, depressed, or worried

weigh out

[phrasal verb]
weigh (something) out or weigh out (something) 
: to measure and remove a certain weight of (something) : to separate (a portion of something that weighs a certain amount)

weigh up

[phrasal verb]
weigh (someone) up or weigh up (someone) 
: to look at and listen to (someone) in order to make a judgment about that person's character, abilities, etc.
— see also weigh 2 (above)
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