uneven /ˌʌnˈiːvən/ adjective
Learner's definition of UNEVEN
: not even: such as
[more uneven; most uneven] : not level, flat, or smooth
[more uneven; most uneven] : not straight or parallel
[more uneven; most uneven] : not following a regular pattern : not the same in all parts or at all times : irregular
[more uneven; most uneven] : better in some parts than in others : not consistently good
[more uneven; most uneven] : unequal or unfair : giving an advantage to one side or group
[more uneven; most uneven] : more likely to be won easily by one side than the other : having competitors with an unequal chance of winning
: odd 5a

— unevenly


— unevenness

/ˌʌnˈiːvənnəs/ noun [noncount]
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