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Learner's definition of STRIKE  
[+ object] 
: to hit (someone or something) in a forceful way
   b  : to cause (something) to hit something in a forceful way
   c  : to hit (someone or something) with your hand, a weapon, etc.
[no object]  : to attack someone or something suddenly — often + at — often used figuratively
not used in progressive tenses  : to affect (someone or something) suddenly in a bad way : to cause damage, harm, illness, etc., to (someone or something)
[+ object]
— often used as (be) stricken
[no object]
— often used figuratively
not used in progressive tenses[+ object]  : to cause (someone) to be in a certain condition suddenly — usually used as (be) struck
[+ object] 
: to cause someone to feel (a strong emotion) suddenly — often + in or into
   b  : to affect (someone) with a strong emotion
[+ object]  : to cause (something) to happen or exist : to do or achieve (something)
not used in progressive tenses[+ object]  : to be thought of by (someone) suddenly : to occur to (someone)
not used in progressive tenses[+ object]  : to cause (someone) to think about someone or something in a particular way — often + as
[no object]of a group of workers  : to stop work in order to force an employer to agree to demands : to refuse to work until your employer does what you want — often + for
10  of a clock  : to make the time known by making a sound
[no object]
[+ object]
11  [+ object]  : to cause (a match) to start burning by rubbing it against a surface
12  [+ object]  : to make (an agreement)
13  [+ object]  : to remove (something) from (something)
14  not used in progressive tenses[+ object]  : to find or discover (something) especially by digging
— see also strike gold (below)
15  [+ object]  : to place yourself in (a particular position, posture, etc.)
16  [+ object]  : to play (a note, chord, etc.) on a musical instrument by using your fingers on keys or strings — often used figuratively
17  always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object]  : to begin to walk or go in a particular direction — usually + off or out
— see also strike out 4 (below)
18  [+ object]  : to make (a coin, medal, etc.) by pressing an image into a piece of metal

be struck by

: to be very impressed by or pleased with (something or someone)

lightning never strikes (the same place) twice

— see 1lightning

strike a chord

— see 2chord

strike a nerve

— see nerve

strike back

[phrasal verb]
: to try to hurt someone who has hurt you or treated you badly — often + at

strike down

[phrasal verb]
strike (someone) down 
: to make (someone) unable to work, act, or function in the usual way — usually used as (be) struck down
   b  : to cause (someone) to die suddenly — usually used as (be) struck down
strike (something) downchiefly US, law or strike down (something)  : to say officially that (something) is no longer legally valid

strike gold

: to have great success with something
— see also 1strike 14 (above)

strike home

— see 2home

strike it rich

: to become rich suddenly

strike off

[phrasal verb]
strike off (something) or strike (something) off  : to draw a line through (a name or item on a list)
strike off (something) or strike (something) off  : to remove (something) by hitting it with a tool in a forceful way
strike off (someone)British or strike (someone) off  : to remove the name of (someone, such as a doctor or lawyer) from an official register — usually used as (be) struck off
— see also 1strike 17 (above)

strike on/upon

[phrasal verb]
not used in progressive tensesstrike on/upon (something)  : to find or discover (something) especially suddenly
be struck onBritish, informal  : to like or be impressed by (someone or something) very much

strike out

[phrasal verb]
strike (someone) outof a pitcher or strike out (someone)  : to cause (a batter) to be out by pitching three strikes
   b  of a batter  : to make an out by getting three strikes
— see also strikeout
strike (something) out or strike out (something)  : to remove (something) from a document : delete
US, informal  : to be unsuccessful : fail
: to begin a course of action
— see also 1strike 17 (above)
: to try to hit someone or something suddenly — often + at
: to make a sudden and angry attack against someone — often + at

strike pay dirt

— see pay dirt

strike (someone) dead

: to kill (someone) in a quick and unexpected way

strike up

[phrasal verb]
strike up (something) 
: to begin to play (a piece of music)
   b  : to cause (an orchestra, a band, etc.) to begin playing
strike up (something) also strike (something) up  : to begin (something)

strike while the iron is hot

: to do something immediately while you still have a good chance to do it
— see also striking distance
Learner's definition of STRIKE  
: a period of time when workers stop work in order to force an employer to agree to their demands
[count]  : a military attack
[count]  : the act of hitting something with force
baseball  : a pitch that passes through a certain area over home plate without being hit and that counts against the batter
— see also strike zone
   b  US  : a perfectly thrown ball or pass
[count]chiefly US  : something that makes someone or something less likely to be accepted, approved, successful, etc.
[count]bowling  : the achievement of knocking down all 10 pins with the first ball
— compare 3spare 2
[count]  : a discovery of something valuable (such as oil) — usually singular
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