1 solid /ˈsɑːləd/ adjective
1 solid
Learner's definition of SOLID
: firm or hard : not having the form of a gas or liquid
: having no space inside : not hollow
always used before a noun : made entirely from the specified material
: consisting only of the color specified or only of one color
see color picture on this page
: having no breaks, spaces, or pauses
often used figuratively
[more solid; most solid]
: good and able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed
: having a strong basis : good and dependable
[more solid; most solid] : strong and well-made
US : agreeing with or supporting something (such as a political party) in a completely loyal and dependable way
geometry : having length, width, and height : three-dimensional

— solidly


— solidness

noun [noncount]
2 solid /ˈsɑːləd/ noun
plural solids
2 solid
plural solids
Learner's definition of SOLID
[count] : a solid substance : a substance that is not a gas or a liquid
[count] geometry : an object that has length, width, and height : a three-dimensional object see picture at geometry
solids [plural] : foods that are not liquid
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