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Learner's definition of RUNNER  
: a person who runs as part of a sport, for exercise, or in a race
   b  : an animal (such as a horse) that runs in a race
: a person who delivers messages, reports, materials, or products either within a business or organization or to outside locations : messenger
   b  : a person who brings drugs, guns, etc., to a place illegally and secretly
baseball  : a player who is on base or is trying to reach a base : base runner
: a long, thin piece or part on which something (such as a sled, skate, or drawer) slides
: a stem of a plant that grows along the ground and that forms new plants
: a long, narrow carpet for a hall or staircase
   b  : a narrow cloth cover for a table or other piece of furniture

do a runner

British, informal
: to leave a place quickly by running especially to avoid paying a bill or to escape punishment
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