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Learner's definition of LENGTH  
: the distance from one end of something to the other end : a measurement of how long something is
— see also focal length
   b  [noncount]  : the size or extent of a piece of writing
   c  [noncount]  : the quality or state of being long
[noncount]  : the amount of time something lasts
[count]  : the length of something used as a unit of measure
— see also at arm's length at 1arm
[count]  : a piece of something that is long and thin or narrow
[noncount]  : a measure of how far down on your body something (such as your hair or a piece of clothing) reaches

at length

: for a long time
: in a full or complete way
literary  : after a long time

go to any length

orgo to any/extreme/great (etc.) lengths
: to make a great or extreme effort to do something

the length and breadth of

: through all parts of (a place)
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