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Learner's definition of INTRODUCTION  
[count]  : the act of making a person known to others by name — usually plural
[noncount]  : the act of introducing something: such as
: the act of bringing something into practice or use for the first time
   b  : the act of making a product available for sale for the first time
   c  : the act of presenting something for discussion or consideration
   d  : the act of bringing something (such as a plant or animal) to a place for the first time
[count]  : a statement made to an audience about someone who is about to speak, perform, etc., or something that is about to begin
◊ A person who needs no introduction is well-known to the audience.
: the beginning part of a book, essay, speech, etc., that explains what will follow in the main part
   b  : the beginning part of a piece of music
[count]  : something (such as a book or a course of study) that provides basic information about a subject — + to
[singular]  : a person's first experience with something — + to
[count]  : something that is added or introduced to something else
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