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Learner's definition of HEART  
[count]  : the organ in your chest that pumps blood through your veins and arteries — often used before another noun
— see picture at humansee also open-heart
[count]  : the front part of your chest
[count]  : the heart thought of as the place where emotions are felt
   b  : a kind or generous feeling for other people
[noncount]  : feelings of love or affection
[noncount]  : emotional strength that allows you to continue in a difficult situation
the heart  : the central or most important part of something
   b  [count]  : the central part of some vegetables
[count]  : a shape that looks like a simple drawing of a heart and that is used as a symbol of love and affection
[count]  : a playing card that is marked with a red heart
— see picture at playing card
   b  hearts [plural]  : the suit in a deck of playing cards that consists of cards marked by hearts
— compare club, diamond, spade

absence makes the heart grow fonder

— see absence

at heart

: at the most basic level
: as a main concern

break someone's heart

: to cause someone to feel great sorrow or sadness

by heart

: from memory

close/dear/near to your heart

: very personally and emotionally important to you

cross my heart

— see 2cross

cry your heart out

— see 1cry

do your heart good

: to make you feel very happy

eat your heart out

— see eat

faint of heart

— see 1faint

from the bottom of your heart

orfrom the/your heart
: in a very sincere way

harden your heart

— see harden

have your heart set on (something)

orset your heart on (something)
◊ When you have your heart set on something or when you set your heart on something, you want it very much.

heart in your mouth

◊ If your heart is in your mouth, you are very excited or nervous about something.

heart is knocking

— see 1knock

heart skips a beat

◊ When you say that your heart skipped a beat or that something made your heart skip a beat, it means that you suddenly became very surprised, excited, or nervous about something.

heavy heart

: a feeling of sadness

know your own heart

— see 1know

light heart

: a feeling of happiness

lose heart

: to begin to feel that you cannot do something that you have been trying to do : to become discouraged

lose your heart

: to fall in love with someone — usually + to

open your heart

: to talk in a very open and honest way about your feelings
: to begin to be generous and kind

pour your heart out

— see pour

sick at heart

: very sad and upset

sing/dance/play (etc.) your heart out

: to sing/dance/play (etc.) with great energy or effort

take heart

: to begin to feel better and more hopeful : to stop feeling sad or discouraged

take (something) to heart

: to be deeply affected or hurt by something

to your heart's content

: until you feel satisfied : as long or as much as you want

warm the cockles of your heart

— see cockle

with all your heart

: in a very sincere and deeply felt way

your heart bleeds for

◊ If your heart bleeds for someone, you feel great sadness or pity for that person.

your heart leaps

◊ When your heart leaps, you become very happy or joyful about something.

your heart melts

◊ When your heart melts, you begin to feel love, affection, or sympathy for someone or something.

your heart sinks

◊ When your heart sinks, you become sad or disappointed about something.
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