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Learner's definition of DROP  
[count]  : a very small amount of liquid that falls in a rounded shape — often + of
— see also dewdrop, raindrop, teardrop
[count]informal  : a small amount of a drink — usually singular
[singular]  : a small amount of something (such as a quality)
drops [plural]  : liquid medicine that is measured in drops and put into your eyes, ears, or nose
[count]  : a usually small, round piece of candy with a particular flavor
— see also cough drop, gumdrop
: the distance from a higher to a lower level — usually singular
   b  : an area that goes downward suddenly
[count]  : a decrease in amount or quality — usually singular — often + in
informal [count] 
: the act of taking something (such as something secret or illegal) to a place and leaving it there
   b  : a place where something is taken to and left to be picked up
— see also airdrop, mail drop
[count]American football  : a move back from the line of scrimmage — usually singular

a drop in the bucket

(US)informalor Britisha drop in the ocean
: an amount that is so small that it does not make an important difference or have much effect

at the drop of a hat

: very quickly and immediately
Learner's definition of DROP  
[+ object]  : to let (something) fall
   b  [no object]  : to fall
[no object] 
: to lie down or fall down suddenly
   b  : to lie down or become unconscious because you are sick or exhausted : collapse
[no object]  : to go down suddenly and form a steep slope
[no object]  : to change to a lower level, amount, position, etc.
   b  [+ object]  : to cause (something) to lessen or decrease in level or amount
[+ object]  : to send (someone) a letter, note, etc.
[+ object]  : to stop talking or thinking about (something)
   b  [no object]  : to stop being talked about
[+ object]  : to stop doing or continuing with (something)
[+ object]  : to not include (someone or something)
[+ object]  : to suddenly end a relationship or connection with (someone)
10  [+ object]  : to take (someone or something) to a place and then leave — often + off
11  always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object]  : to make a brief social visit — usually + by or in or over
— see also drop-in
12  [+ object]  : to say (something) in an informal or casual way
13  [+ object]informal  : to lose (a game)
14  [+ object]informal  : to spend (an amount of money) — usually + on
15  [+ object]informal  : to lose (an amount of weight)
16  : to move down
[+ object]
[no object]
17  [+ object]knitting  : to let (a loop of yarn) fall off a knitting needle
18  [+ object]  : to not pronounce (a letter) when you speak
19  [+ object]informal  : to take (a drug) by swallowing it

drop a brick

British, informalordrop a clanger
: to make a very bad or embarrassing mistake

drop back

[phrasal verb]American football
: to move straight back from the line of scrimmage

drop dead

— see 1dead

drop in/into/on your lap

— see 1lap

drop off

[phrasal verb]
: to decrease in amount
: to fall asleep
— see also 2drop 10 (above)

drop out

[phrasal verb]
: to stop attending a school or university before you have completed your studies — often + of
: to stop being part of a group — usually + of
: to stop being involved in regular society because you do not agree with or support its rules, customs, and values
— see also dropout

drop out of sight

: to stop being seen

drop the ball

— see 1ball

jaw drops

— see 1jaw

the bottom drop out

— see 1bottom

the penny drops

— see penny

you could hear a pin drop

— see 1pin
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