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Learner's definition of DIFFERENCE  
: the quality that makes one person or thing unlike another
◊ To tell the difference between two people or things is to see how they are unlike each other.
[count]  : something that people do not agree about : a disagreement in opinion
[count]  : the degree or amount by which things differ

make a difference

: to cause a change : to be important in some way
: to do something that is important : to do something that helps people or makes the world a better place

same difference

chiefly US, informal
— used to say that two things are not really different in any important way

split the difference

— see 1split

what's the difference?

— used to ask how one thing is different from another
orwhat difference does it/that make?
— used to ask why something is important or to suggest that something is not important
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