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Learner's definition of DEVELOP  
[+ object]  : to cause (something) to grow or become bigger or more advanced
   b  [no object]  : to grow or become bigger or more advanced — often + into
[+ object]  : to create (something) over a period of time
[+ object]  : to make (an idea, argument, theory, etc.) easier to understand by giving more information
[no object]  : to gradually begin to exist
[+ object]  : to gradually begin to have (something)
[+ object]  : to begin to suffer from or be affected by (an illness, problem, etc.)
[no object]chiefly US  : to become known or understood
[+ object] 
: to build houses or other buildings on (land)
   b  : to make (something) available for use
[+ object]  : to make a photograph from (film) by using special chemicals and a special process

— developable

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