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Learner's definition of DEPTH  
: a distance below a surface
   b  [count]  : the distance from the front of something to the back — usually singular
[count]  : an area that exists far below a surface or far inside something : a deep place or area — usually plural — often used figuratively
: a very low or bad state or condition — usually plural
   b  : the worst part of something
[noncount]  : the quality of being deep: such as
: the quality of being strongly felt
   b  : the quality of being very bad or serious
   c  : the quality of being complete or thorough
   d  : the quality of being strong in color, taste, etc.
   e  : the quality of being low in sound
   f  US, sports  : the quality of having many good players on a team

in depth

: in a thorough or complete way
— see also in-depth

out of your depth

alsobeyond your depth
: dealing with a situation or subject that is too difficult for you
chiefly British  : in water that is deeper than your height
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