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or Britishdefence/dɪˈfɛns/
or British defence /dɪˈfɛns/
Learner's definition of DEFENSE  
: the act of defending someone or something from attack
— see also self-defense
[count] : something that is used to protect yourself, your country, etc.— often + against
: the act of speaking or writing in support of someone or something that is being attacked or criticized
— often used in the phrase in defense
— usually singular
[noncount] : the things that are done by a country to protect itself from enemies— often used before another noun
[singular] : the side of a legal case which argues that a person who is being sued or accused of a crime is innocent: the lawyer or lawyers who represent the defendant in a court case— often used before another noun
— compare prosecution
   b [count] : the method that is used in a court case to prove that someone is innocent
: the group of players on a team who try to stop an opponent from scoring
   b [noncount] : the way that players on a team try to stop an opponent from scoring
— compare offense 4
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Comments & Questions
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