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Learner's definition of CLEAN  
: free from dirt, marks, etc. : not dirty
: tending to keep clean
: free from pollution or other dangerous substances
   b  : not causing pollution
: not yet used
   b  of a document  : not having any mistakes
: pleasingly simple
: having edges that are straight and smooth
: completely and quickly done
sports  : done in a skillful and impressive way without mistakes or awkwardness
10  : not showing evidence of any broken rules or laws
— see also clean slate (below)
11  : not connected with or involving anything illegal or morally wrong
   b  : not referring to anything sexual or offensive
12  not used before a noun  : no longer using drugs : not addicted to drugs
13  not used before a nouninformal  : not carrying any weapons, drugs, etc.

clean as a whistle

— see 1whistle

clean slate

also Britishclean sheet
: a person's record (as from a school or a job) that shows no evidence of any problems, broken rules, etc. : a clean record
clean sheet British  : a game in which the opposing team is prevented from scoring

clean sweep

: a victory in which one side or team wins every game, contest, etc.
: a complete change in something

come clean

: to tell the truth about what happened : to stop hiding the truth

give (someone or something) a clean bill of health

— see 1bill

keep your nose clean

— see 1nose

make a clean breast of

— see 1breast

wipe the slate clean

— see 1wipe

— cleanness

Learner's definition of CLEAN  
: to make (something) clean : to remove dirt, marks, etc., from (something)
[+ object]
[no object]
— see also clean up 1a (below)
   b  [no object]  : to become clean
[+ object]  : to make (something, such as a room) neat and orderly
— see also clean out 1 (below), clean up 1b (below)
[+ object]  : to remove the organs from the inside of (an animal) before cooking

clean house

— see 1house

clean out

[phrasal verb]
clean (something) out or clean out (something)  : to remove unwanted things from (a room, closet, etc.)
clean (someone or something) outinformal or clean out (someone or something)  : to steal or take everything from (someone or something)
clean (someone) outinformal or clean out (someone)  : to use up all or most of someone's money

clean up

[phrasal verb]
clean (something) up or clean up (something) 
: to remove (dirt, spilled substances, etc.)
orclean up
: to make (a room or space) clean and orderly
◊ To clean up after someone is to make a place clean after someone has made it dirty or messy.
   c  : to remove pollution from (something)
— see also cleanup
clean up or clean (yourself) up  : to make yourself clean : to wash your face and hands
clean (something) up or clean up (something) 
: to remove whatever is illegal or immoral from (something)
   b  : to make (something) clearer or more acceptable
clean (something) upinformal or clean up (something)  : to eat all of (something)
informal  : to make a large amount of money
clean up your actinformal  : to behave in a way that is more acceptable

clean your plate

: to eat all the food on your plate
Learner's definition of CLEAN  
: all the way : completely or entirely
Learner's definition of CLEAN  
: an act of removing dirt from something
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