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Learner's definition of BRING  
[+ object]
: to come with (something or someone) to a place
: to cause (something or someone) to come
: to cause (something) to exist, happen, or start
always followed by an adverb or preposition  : to cause (something or someone) to reach a specified state, place, condition, etc.
: to have (a particular talent, quality, etc.) when you start to do something (such as a job) — + to
law  : to start a case against someone in a court of law
: to cause (something) to reach a total — + to
: to get (an amount of money) as a price : to be sold for (a price)
◊ In addition to the phrases shown below, bring occurs in many idioms that are shown at appropriate entries throughout the dictionary. For example, bring to bear can be found at 2bear and bring to an end can be found at 1end.

bring about

[phrasal verb]
bring about (something) also bring (something) about 
: to cause (something)

bring around

(chiefly US)[phrasal verb]or chiefly Britishbring round
bring (someone) around  : to cause (someone) to come around: such as
: to cause (someone) to accept and support something (such as an idea) after opposing it — often + to
   b  : to cause (someone) to become awake again after being unconscious
   c  : to come with (someone) for a social visit
bring (something) around  : to cause (something, such as a conversation) to go to a desired subject or area — + to

bring back

[phrasal verb]
bring (something or someone) back or bring back (something or someone) 
: to come back with (something or someone)
   b  : to cause (something or someone) to return
   c  : to cause (something or someone) to return to a condition, subject, etc.
bring (something) back or bring back (something)  : to cause (something) to return to someone's memory

bring before

[phrasal verb]
bring (someone or something) before (someone or something)formal 
: to cause (someone or something) to come to (someone or something) for an official decision or judgment

bring down

[phrasal verb]
bring down (someone or something) or bring (someone or something) down  : to cause (someone or something) to fall down onto the ground — often used figuratively
bring (something) down or bring down (something)  : to cause (something) to become lower
bring (someone) downinformal  : to cause (someone) to become sad or depressed

bring forth

[phrasal verb]
bring (something) forthsomewhat formal or bring forth (something) 
: to produce (something) : to cause (something) to occur or exist

bring forward

[phrasal verb]
bring (something) forward or bring forward (something) 
: to talk about or show (something) so that it can be seen or discussed by others
: to make the time of (something) earlier or sooner

bring in

[phrasal verb]
bring in (someone) or bring (someone) in  : to cause (someone) to become involved in a process, activity, etc.
bring in (something) or bring (something) in 
: to produce or earn (an amount of money)
   b  law  : to report (an official decision) to a court
   c  chiefly British  : to introduce (a new law, rule, etc.)
bring in (someone or something) or bring (someone or something) in  : to cause (someone or something) to come to a place

bring off

[phrasal verb]
bring (something) off also bring off (something) 
: to do (something difficult) : to achieve or accomplish (something)

bring on

[phrasal verb]
bring on (something) or bring (something) on  : to cause (something) to appear or occur
bring (something) on (someone)  : to cause (something bad) to happen to (someone)

bring out

[phrasal verb]
bring out (something) or bring (something) out 
: to show (something) : to cause (something) to appear or to be more easily seen
   b  : to produce (something, such as a book) : to cause (something) to become available or to come out
bring (someone) out in (something)British  : to cause (someone) to begin to have (something, such as a rash) on the skin

bring round

— see bring around (above)

bring to

[phrasal verb]
bring (someone) to 
: to cause (someone) to become awake again after being unconscious

bring together

[phrasal verb]
bring (people) together or bring together (people) 
: to cause (people) to join or meet : to cause (people) to come together

bring up

[phrasal verb]
bring (someone) up or bring up (someone)  : to take care of and teach (a child who is growing up)
bring (something) up or bring up (something) 
: to mention (something) when talking : to start to talk about (something)
   b  computers  : to cause (something, such as a file or picture) to appear on a computer screen
   c  : 1vomit
bring (someone) up  : to cause (someone) to stop suddenly — used in phrases like bring up short and bring up suddenly

bring yourself

: to force yourself to do something that you do not want to do — usually used in negative statements

— bringer

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