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Learner's definition of BODY  
: a person's or animal's whole physical self— often used before another noun
   b : a dead person or animal
   c : the main physical part of a person or animal
[count] : the part of a vehicle that does not include the engine, wheels, etc.
[count] : the main or most important part of something written
[count] : an object that is separate from other objects
◊ A foreign body is an object that is inside something (such as someone's body) where it should not be.
[count] : a large area of water— used in the phrase body of water
[count] : a group of people who are involved together in the same job, activity, etc.
[count] : a group of things that are related or connected in some way
[noncount]of wine : a strong and appealing flavor
[noncount]of hair : a thick and appealing quality
10 [count] : the section of a piece of clothing that covers the main part of a person's body
11 [count]old-fashioned : a human being
: person
— usually singular

body and soul

: with all of your energy and enthusiasm

keep body and soul together

: to have or get enough food and money to survive

over my dead body

— used to say that you are very determined to not let something happen
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