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at/ˈæt, ət/preposition
/ˈæt, ət/
Learner's definition of AT  
— used to indicate the place where someone or something is
— used to indicate the person or thing toward which an action, motion, or feeling is directed or aimed
— used to indicate something that is being tried or attempted
: because of or in reaction to (something)— used to indicate the cause of an action, feeling, etc.
— used to indicate an activity
— used to indicate a situation or condition
— used to indicate position on a scale or in a series
   b — used to indicate a rate
— used to indicate an age or time
— used to indicate the method by which something is done
10 — used in phrases like at best, at worst, etc., to indicate a possible result or condition that is considered best, worst, etc.
   b — used in phrases like at its best, at its worst, etc., to indicate that something or someone is as good, bad, etc., as possible
◊ The word at is used in speech in e-mail addresses.
In writing, the symbol @ is used instead.

at it

: doing some activity

at that

— see 1that

where it's at

— see 1where

where (someone) is at

— see 1where
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