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Learner's definition of ASK  
: to say or write something to someone as a way of gaining information : to request an answer to a question
[+ object]
— often + about — often + if or whether — often + why, what, etc.
[no object]
— often + about
: to tell someone in the form of a question that you want to be given something or that you want something to happen : to request something
[no object]
— often + for
[+ object]
— often + for — often + if or whether — often + that — often followed by to + verb
[+ object]  : to invite (someone) to go somewhere or do something
◊ To ask someone out is to ask someone to go on a date with you.
[+ object] 
: to believe that you should receive (something) from someone — often + of
   b  : to set (a specific amount of money) as a price
— see also asking price

ask after

[phrasal verb]
ask after (someone or something) 
: to ask about (someone or something)

ask around

[phrasal verb]
: to ask many people to tell you information about someone or something

ask for

[phrasal verb]
ask for (someone)  : to request to see or talk to (someone)
ask for itinformal  : to behave in a way that makes someone want to hurt or punish you
ask for troubleinformal  : to behave in a way that is likely to result in trouble
— see also ask for the moon at 1moon

ask yourself

◊ To ask yourself something is to think about the true answer to a question.

don't ask

— used to say that something is too strange, embarrassing, or complicated to explain

don't ask me

— used to say that you do not know the answer to a question

for the asking

◊ If something is yours for the asking, you can have it if you want it or ask for it.

I ask you

◊ People use the phrase I ask you before or after a question when they want someone to agree or sympathize with them.

if you ask me

: in my opinion

who asked you?

informal + impolite
— used as a response when someone gives an opinion that is not wanted
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