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Learner's definition of AGREE  
: to have the same opinion
[no object]
— often + with
[+ object]
◊ When people are agreed, they have the same opinion.
When a person or thing is agreed to be something specified, people regard that person or thing as something specified.
: to say that you will do, accept, or allow something that is suggested or requested by another person
[no object]
— often + to
[+ object]
— often followed by to + verb
of two or more people or groups  : to decide to accept something after discussing what should or might be done
[no object]
— usually + on or upon
[+ object]British
◊ The forms agreed, agreed-upon, and (less commonly) agreed-on are used as adjectives in both U.S. and British English.
[no object]  : to be alike : to resemble or match each other
[no object]grammar  : to be alike in gender, number, case, or person
[no object]  : to be suitable for or pleasing to someone — + with

agree to disagree

(chiefly US)or chiefly Britishagree to differ
: to agree not to argue anymore about a difference of opinion

agree with

[phrasal verb]
agree with (something) 
: to regard (something) with approval
— see also agree 1, 6 (above)
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